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BLOWERS RO’ 15/25/35/50/75
‘BLOWERS RO’ 15/25/35/50/75 IAEC Centrifugal Fans & Exhausters are based on drawings and software obtained from M/s. Rotamill Gmbh, Germany.

Type: Aerofoil, Backward curve and partially radial bladed.
  • High efficiency upto 90%
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Dynamically balanced impeller
  • Software to design bigger fans than the standard available.
Application : Ventilation, Dust Collection. Air Conditioning,, Oil, Gas, Coal, Bagasse, Wood & Husk Fired Boilers, ID Fans. Industrial Burners, Pneumatic Conveying etc.
Range : Capacity- upto 3,00,000 m3/hr
Pressure-upto 2500 mm wg. Single stage
DYNAMIC BALANCING- We offer our services for dynamic balancing of fans, blwers, etc. AT SITE Equipment used- HOFFMANN make Protable Dynamic Balancing Machine.

BLOWERS 50/68/88/P
50/68/88/P IAEC Centrifugal Fans & Exhausters are based on drawings obtained from France.
Type : 50/68-backword curved. 88-formed curved. P-radial
Features :
  • High efficiency upto 85%
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Adjustable Discharge
  • Easy installation
  • Dynamically balanced impeller
Application : Ventilation, Dust collection, Air Conditioning, Oil, Gas, Coal, Bagasse Wood & Husk Fired Boilers, ID Fans, Industrial Burners etc.
Range : Capacity-upto 4,30,000 m3/hr Pressure-upto 700 mm wg
Note : 50/6888 series is available in Double Width Double Inlet Type (DWDI)


K/HPK IAEC Centrifugal Fans & Exhausters are based on drawings obtained from USA.
Type : K/HPK-radial
Feature :

  • High efficiency upto 75%
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Adjustable Discharge
  • Dynamic balanced impeller


Application : Dust collection, ID Fans, Pneumatic Conveying, etc.
Range : Capacity-upto 2,50,000 m3/hr Pressure-upto 1000 mm wg
SPE  These are available in two types-
1) Long Shaving Wheel
2) Wool Wheel
Application : Conveying of long fibers, wool, cotton, rayon, trimming of metals, etc.
Range : Capacity-upto 90,000 m3/hr Pressure-upto 400 mm wg

IAEC Multistage Centrifugal Blower consists of a number of aluminium alloy impellers mounted on EN-8/S.S. Steel shaft running in cast iron/cast aluminium body.
Features :
  • Delivery of oil free air/gas
  • Surge proof type and therefore no overloading
  • No internal lubrication
  • High efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Dynamically Balanced impeller
  • Rugged Body
Application : Pneumatic Conveying, Bio-gas boosting, Glass blowing, Agitation of liquids, Sewage disposal, Ore flotation, Air Scouring of Pressure filters, etc.
Range : Capacity-upto 1700 m3/hr Pressure-upto 9 psig
Stage-upto 9 AXIAL FLOW FAN ‘AF’ includes 
  • Tube Axial
  • Man Circuilators
  • Man Coolers
  • Exhausters
Range :  Capacity-upto 2,00,000 m3/hr Pressure-upto 150 mm wg

The wet precipitator cleans the air by the combined action of centrifugal force and through intermikxing of water and dust-laden air.
  • Compensating water level control
  • No contamination or clogging
  • High collection efficiency
  • Low Maintenance requirements
  • Sturdy construction for longer life.
  • Choice of Disposal methods
Application : Heavy Dust Generating Processes like Foundries, Chemical plants, Power plants, Sand Blasting Machines, Fluidised Bed Boilers Acid Fume Extraction etc.
Range : Upto 1,00,000m3/hr AIR WASHER- Air Washing Chamber is used for cleaning, humidification and cooling of  large volume of intake air.
Application : Textile Mills, Electric Control Rooms, Tea Gardens, Ventilation system, etc.
Range : Upto 4,30,000 m3/hr

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